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Christian – the only bit of outboard gear I take with the iLive other than a Tascam SS-CDR1 player/recorder – is a cheap (Ahh-Hmm)Behringer FBQ2496 feedback eliminator which I insert at the surface and use as 2 x 20 band PEQ’s. Works for me and is also useful to insert on a couple of monitor sends for feedback protection. They work well but I guess something built in would be even better!


We even have some EQ gear in the shop but no I/O available on the surface. (T80 maxed out with CD/2xPC/Video mostly)
Basically I’m down to what the console brings to the table. EQ-wise the 01V96 VCM wins at the moment, frankly. iLive beats it in every other aspect though… ;-)

Christian Tepfer
Hamburg, Germany