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I second that idea – two PFL bus’s – one for FOH one for laptop with the ability to output at the mixrack headphone jack separate to FOH? or at least route to an output as suggested. I currently use an Aux as a makeshift solution with the editor/Laptop with all Aux send levels at unity and all output mix assignments off – apart from an output for monitoring. Then just turn ON the channels you want to listen to. Not ideal as you have to turn each switch off again!


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i would like to have a second PFL/AFL bus, so i can do monitoring via my laptop/touchpad and have a wedge/in ear at the side of the stage, independent from what FOH is doing ;-).
Second PFL/afl routable to the mixrack outputs.

Also absolutely neccessary when a two console – one Mixrack setup would become possible.

With this extra, the I-live can have something, nobody in the market can offer for the moment.