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Nice to hear you all enjoy the Fx emulations. They are fun but time consumming to do.
On the SMR, there are 4 models. EMT, Hall, Classic-plate and Room. My favorite is EMT. But live maybe the classic plate is more useful tone wise if you get into the expert pages. The Room model was also nice to design, live use is limited.

The Flanger was fun to model, there are some distinct differences that set the classic flanging techniques apart. We captured them in the 3 models ambient, vintage & wild. Rewarding results once finished.

GatedVerb is my overall favorite, due to the very accurate model we achieved. InfaBass is cool too on some continuous LF programme – watch your cones!

The iLive ADT is great on vocal sounds without reverb. I have heard it sounding great on a 80’s pop vocal in a fairly small Hall.