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I have a thought…

Im using IDR48 +T112 surface, ok i know there are a lot of controllable faders and we have the “freeze in layer” function but if i wanted to have even more control of a mix what would be the limiting factor with using a T80 console as a sidecar?

Ok let me talk specifics… im not talking about a 2nd ACE connection or ‘audio’ split, im talking about control parameters.

I can obviously have my laptop (or several laptops) connected either wireless or wirelessly next to my main console, so is it possible to link to surfaces together via the network ports, change the ip’s on the 2nd console and have control of the IDR48?

Im thinking this should be possible, but if not how come?

Of course with the ACE expansion cards available now one should simply buy the iLive 144/176 surfaces if more control surface is needed but you get where im coming from?

Oh …. btw A+H, whats the plan for the minijack Touchscreen sockets on the back of the T series surfaces???