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Hello again andy,
And again thank you for the quick answer.

Regarding the fire wall – I have a “ESET smart security” (NOD 32) antivirus with a firewall.
I disabled it and the problem remained. I also tried to shut the program so that it won’t load at startup (and restarted the cpu) and it also didn’t help.

this is the normal netstat after cpu statup:

c:Documents and SettingsJudoko>netstat

Active Connections

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State
TCP user-9dfb85621c:1078 javadl-esd.sun.com:http ESTABLISHED
TCP user-9dfb85621c:1077 localhost:30606 ESTABLISHED
TCP user-9dfb85621c:5152 localhost:1044 CLOSE_WAIT
TCP user-9dfb85621c:30606 localhost:1077 ESTABLISHED

Awaiting your answer…
Thank’s for your help! [:)]


Hagai Goren