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I see vers 1.5 is going to include input Gain on the rotary encoders by using the Alt View switch (Will be great!) How about also using a key combination to select the Alt View target – such as holding down ALT view, and pressing the Rotary Shift to toggle between socket ID, DSP Channel, dB value, Gain!

While on the subject of key combinations – How about a key combination and/or a user key to store or update scenes. ie: hold down Alt View and press the scene Go button to update or store a scene.
The scene item “Input Channel mixer” needs to have more flexible options – It currently stores all channel Mutes, Levels, Aux Levels, mix assignments, DCA assignments etc all together. So you can’t for example just store the mute settings of channels 1-20 in each scene without storing all the other settings. That probably applies to the other mixers also (DCA & Mix). This would be useful for Theatre users who can use many scenes for performers radio mic’s etc.
If the above could be done then Also (Whew!) – a/some User scene library settings that allow you to quickly set what will be stored and become the default for storing new scenes.
Only had my system a short while (T112/iDr48) and finding it awesome! Bring on Vers1.5 and beyond!
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