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Good to know that there is a MIDI bug – I’ve been trying to get fader levels controlled by midi but they just jump all over the place! Mutes, Scene recalls work fine over midi. My objective is to have a custom midi controller that I can use with a Laptop to control the mix rack without a surface from FOH for smaller gigs/ corporate work etc. My wish is that A&H offer a “Mackie Control” MIDI mode as a MC would make an excellent controller. Oh – but then why would you need those PL remote things? A MC could offer moving faders, select, mute, solo, mix buttons, encoders, display, fader banks etc.

On the Theatre front I to believe that there needs to be far greater flexibility for the scene save/edit/recall system. The biggest problem I see is that in scene edit mode with just the input mixer selected the scene stores ALL input mixer settings and so mutes, all channel assignments (including DCA assignments) and aux levels cannot be stored independently of each other. You also can’t currently store information just for some selected channels. For theatre I would like to only recall say the Radio mic channels/mutes, without recalling Orchestra channel settings (I Know you could Scene safe those channels). Other parts of the show may need different things stored/recalled. More options please A&H? If these save options do become available in future upgrades then a user save library setting would be good so that you can have your “User” scene save settings – with a User defined key or even better a key combination such as hold the ALT View key and press the scene GO button to store your default “User” scene or to update an existing one. I’ve got lots more ideas but …work to do .. so L8r. Stix