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As Darren says the scene recall time is dependant on what the scene contains. A complete scene (eg. added with add all) that changes levels, mutes & a few processing settings should take less than 1 second to recall. Changes to patchbay (I/O Patching) takes longer to complete – but I wouldn’t envisage doing this during or between scenes.

As for MIDI the specification was developed with help from Chris Hubbard, maybe they were using an early version of software…
See the web site for a more detailed MIDI spec but a quick summary follows…

For V1.3 the following MIDI functions will be supported.

Input Main Level
Input Main Mute
Mix Main Level
Mix Main Mute
DCA Level
DCA Mute
Scene Recall
MIDI Machine control (via JAVA page)

For V1.4 the following extra MIDI functions will be supported.

FX Send Main Level
FX Send Main Mute
FX Return (IP FX) Main Level
FX Return (IP FX) Main Mute
Naming & colouring
DCA Assignments

However there is a bug in V1.43 that has stopped the levels from working correctly, this is fixed in the soon to be available V1.5, along with other theatre friendly features such as scene re-ordering.

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