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I also want to be able to do that – but I don’t think it can be done with current firmware – yet. See my old post about this and A&H’s reply here: https://srforums.prosoundweb.com/index.php/m/395413/22964/?srch=ilive#msg_395413.

I’m hoping this will be a feature that is added as currently you can’t store just the mute states from the automation save options. In the scene save manager if you hit “edit” and and remove everything except “input channel mixer” (select it and update the scene) then when you next save that scene it will store mutes – but will also store all other input mix settings – fader levels, pan, gain, assignments, Aux sends etc. I consider this a major pain in the A!
Come on A&H – give us some more options here! I would like to be able to store just mutes, or just fader settings, or just aux changes between scenes without a total input mixer recall. Other digital consoles can do this so come on iLive! Perhaps I have missed something and there is a way to do this? Anyone? At the moment I think we are limited to the 16 DCA groups which can be used as mute groups.