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I think you maybe missed the point? I wasn’t also so clear.
But let’s try again.

I have Song Number one. Where I have 8 FX. FX 1 is for drums and FX 2 is for TOMS. So I send Snare and Toms to FX 1. And TOMS only to FX 2. Then Song Number Two. I have 8 FX. But this time FX 1 is for drums. And FX 2 is for Kick Drum. So FX 1 send is same that before, but now I only send Kick to FX 2, not TOMS. And when I make this happen on Song Two and then recall song one. Ooops. Now the sends are still like they were in song two. It goes if i’m choosing like mix channe processing in the scene editor with it, but I don’t want to change any other levels. I only want to control FX changes and sends. Sorry for my bad english and very stupid first message.

Mika Jokela