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i do have made such a setup although due to the fact that most
of our customers (rockbands) dont need more than 32 channels.
therefore i have channel 1-32 as f.o.h. channels and 33-64 as monitor channels no dsp limits-laptop to do the monitor mix ( i am used to it)
most bands around here have a f.o.h ing but not monitor….

i have a own band ( frank zappa tribute 10 piece) where we have 10 stereo in ears (fantastic) two dedicated rev for moni only, plus a what i call radio mix wich is ,including scenes to recall, ready for broadcast we did it once with a second laptop in a controlroom very nice indeed
important is tha you make 3 different scenss for the appearance
(scene just saves strip layout) coz everytime you recall this show
it sets the “view” to the consoles (in my case a 144)


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