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Hi Graham.
Unlike the Surface, the Editor does not remember its virtual settings when you power it down. This is only an issue when you connect to ‘MixRack only. Obviously most of the ‘mixer’ settings are held in the MixRack so Editor will not lose these.

The ‘MixRack only’ virtual strip assignments are created in Editor and held on the PC, not in the MixRack. As the PC does not remember these settings you need to store them as a Scene after assigning them or before you power down, then recall that Scene on Editor when you reboot the program.

Store just the ‘Strip Assignments’ to this Scene. This means you will not overwrite any other mix settings when you recall the Scene. Also be careful not to overwrite any Scene currently stored using the Surface. Find a Scene number not used for anything else and allocate this as your Editor strip Scene.

I hope that makes sense. Let me know if you need further help with this.