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Hey jordan,

I gave the drummer a PL10 controller last week and this is how i set it up.

I created 8 mono groups but did NOT send these groups to the MAIN L+R mix.
I put all group faders to unity.

Sure its post fade but as the band were pretty controlled i very rarely made changes more than +/-3dB.

The drummer after the show said it was the best thing he’d ever used!

This was my setup:

Rotary1 – Grp1 – Kick Snr Hats
Rotary2 – Grp2 – Toms
Rotary3 – Grp3 – OHeads
Rotary4 – Grp4 – Bass
Rotary5 – Grp5 – Gtrs
Rotary6 – Grp6 – Keys
Rotary7 – Grp7 – Vox
Rotary8 – Grp8 – Spare for anything else

I dont think its a necessarily a bad thing for the sends to be post fade as it can mean you provide a balanced mix to that group, However it would be nice to have the option of pre/post.

I wonder if its possible to send Auxes to a Matrix, then perhaps you could have 8 prefade auxes sent to matrix1 and just have the drummers send as a matrix not an Aux.

Of course all of these are workarounds and a better method could be a firmware upgrade with a channel option to “Send this input to PL10”