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Hey Carey,

I’ve taken the 112T on a couple of shows so far and all has been well.

Everytime i take it out though it raises more and more questions….

Last week i created a show and saved all the channel eq’s and input channels to a library thinking that this would save a lot of time next time i started out with a blank show.

So yesterday i got to a gig and setup up the desk with a different show only when i came to soundcheck i thought it would take me a few seconds to recall, say a kick drum channel library (preamp, gate, eq) i went to recall it and there was nothing there to recall (?)

This was the same with some nice FX presets i had created but could not find to recall.

Also i set scenes for each band and after the first band i needed to set a recall safe on one of the input channels (the announcers radio mic) and i couldnt figure out how to do this, i just had to recall the scene when the mic wasnt being used and then quickly ‘unmute’ the radio mic asap.

During the last band i decided to pack the console down and work off my computer….. I tell you this made many of the house guys do a double-take and come and take a look at the software running wirelessly on my laptop. Kudos to A+H for such an easy to implement feature!
This got me thinking though…. So long as there is no audio being connected to the surface surely there must be a way to make the surface work wirelessly via the network port and a 2nd router?

One thing that would be nice as a suggestion for the next version of firmware is for an option for the laptop editor to “follow” what you are doing on the surface…. there were a few times when i hit the meters button on the surface or the fx button and i could have done with the laptop screen giving me an overview and then i could have entered delay times easier using the laptop keyboard.

it would also be nice to have an overview screen for “All Comps” or “All Gates” just like the Yamaha M7CL.