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Just one more:

Metering is sometimes not sensible enough. That may apply to a lav. channel I want to check (mic still on?). So I could use some -10db more on the bottom side of the metering.

Regarding the EQ, this is a real problem at the moment when doing corporate shows.
I tend to ring out microphones with the PEQ, using 6-8 bands of EQ.
When I use a group I have 8 bands of PEQ (channel plus group) but limited frequency frames.
GEQ is not helpful as the frequencies I want to notch out are rarely on the GEQ grid.
Same goes for output.

So either an insert PEQ (with high Q possible) or the GEQ switchable to 6 or more bands of PEQ would be nice.

Christian Tepfer
Hamburg, Germany