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Hi Graham. To add to what Mike said.

You can use a mouse and keyboard but you still need to apply the name using the touchscreen as you have already found out. Enabling or hiding the mouse pointer is done using the USB keyboard F1 and F2 keys.

The firmware currently has drivers to support one type of external touchscreen, the 15″ G Vision. We can provide more details on this if you need it.

The T surface inputs are line input as Mike confirms. They have a +/-24dB Trim control in place of the usual channel Gain control. The surface outputs are line level (+4dBu on the jacks and 0dBu on the RCA phonos).

The Readme Notes (Help) that comes with the Editor software detail the recommended network IP addressing to get your laptop and router to work with the iLive. You can connect to either just the MixRack or to both the MixRack and Surface from the log in screen. Connecting to the rack plus surface means you see and work with the same strip layout and Scene contents as the surface. However, connecting to just the MixRack means you can choose and set up a ‘virtual’ strip layout not affected by the surface.

Connecting to MixRack only has the benefit of more independence for the monitor engineer as he can work with his own layout. It is also recommended if you want control backup if you lost power at the surface for some reason.

Let me know if you want more on this, but we are writing a series of info sheets to describe aspects such as these. Should be posted on our web site soon.
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