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Metering over a network is notoriously hard to get right, and I would suggest that broadcast (or multicast) UDP with a defined layout is probably about as good as it gets, a hundred channels will easily fit into a 250 byte packet and if the transmission rate was say 30Hz, that is only 7.5KB/second.

We have over a 1000 meters in the current iLive system (10 per input channel, 11 per mix channel, and then FX, monitor, RTA etc…), at 25Hz. This is approx 51kB/s. Currently these are sent TCP, as broadcasting UDP would be a bit much (and wouldn’t work cross sub-nets). We are looking at changing this to multicast for the future, which would be more efficient & allow 3rd party apps to use the metering info.

If only the AES24 protocol hadn’t got the ISO-OSI layers all mixed up[:(!], then an audio control network standard we could all have used would have been with us a decade ago – ah well…

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