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How about the followings –
1. An <Option> button under preference to allow globally set all mix send (auxes, fx, etc) either via rotary or fader. At the moment, mix send is by default via fader. To change this to rotary will need to set at every mix send, can be time consuming and prone to mix up.
2. An idiot proof start up template (plug and play) for 1st time user, using a basic analouge board example like:
Left Bank 1st Layer- All input channels
Middle Bank 1st Layer- 4 Auxes, 4 Grps
Right Bank 1st Layer- 4 mtx, Mains
3. Start up template to come with Stereo channel inputs already properly configured (may be the last 8 channels) and only having standardised surface stereo layouts. 1st time iLive users can get confused on why one stereo channel is shown eg IP63/64 on one surface stereo channel layout and another stereo channel as occupying 2 surface stereo channels as IP61 and IP62.