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The T Series MixRack (iDR-32 and iDR-48) has a Port B option slot. You will be able to fit one of several option cards soon to be released. These will include:

ACE – A second ACE network for linking systems for FOH/Monitor digital mic splitting.

ES – EtherSound for linking to ES equipped iLive systems or to record to a PC fitted with the LX6464 PCI card.

MMO – Mini Multi Out option similar to the iLive Multi Digital Out module to includes 16 channel Aviom, Hearbus, iDR expander, and 24 track ADAT capability.

MADI – For linking to MADI equipped systems and recorders

These options are due within the next few months although the release dates are yet to be confirmed.

Note that there is presently no option slot available at the Surface. It is only provided on the MixRack. We are working on other ideas which will hopefully provide multitrack recording options at or near the surface in the future.