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Um… right… where to start…
The ink just ran out my pen and I’m fresh out of paper [:D]

Thanks for the ideas guys, some good ones in there, and clearly some of you have way too much time on your hands when you are mixing! We are already working on the ‘general bitching mute’ button, will try it out here very soon for sure [}:)]

To pick up on your point 7 about the numbering Jello, we left the socket identification as it appears on iLive so the T is consistent with the iDR10 modular rack. All the racks and surfaces are interchangeable, or they soon will be once we release the ACE card option for iLive. You will be able to mix and match the iLive and T Series hardware and use your Show memories on either system. They both run the same firmware so the identification and terminology does need to be the same.

The other point is that the sockets (preamps) can be soft patched to any of the 64 DSP channels so that socket C8 (24) may not in fact always go to channel 24, for example FOH and monitor channels splitting, or cross patching to match a stage plot. Of course, if you want to work with a one to one mapping or use conventional socket numbering you could fit label strips above the sockets to number them 1 to 48.

The recent 1.4 firmware introduced more options for the softkeys, and we are working on plenty more. All ideas suggested here will also be considered for future release. An option to link selected fader banks is already being worked on as are many of the ideas you and other users have been requesting. We are having quite a job keeping our design team out of the kitchen as they keep going in there to measure the coffee machine… [;)]

Thanks again for the suggestions, all very helpful to us as we work through our ongoing program of firmware releases as iLive develops. We would be happy to explore some of them in more detail here if you want.

Now… back to that coffee machine [^]