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Graham the CAT5 E-F is very flexible my only concern would be how rugged is it. I have used it for ages as patch cables works a treat, however I think you should look at a more deployable version such at Neutrik Etherflex lots of people sell it, I get my stock from CLD https://www.cld-dist.co.uk/
Other options I looked at were Beldon https://www.canford.co.uk/Browse/22787.aspx
These are not screened, which whilst not an issue I just felt I should have a screened cable, not just for electrical reasons I always think it is a bit more rugged.

Last one was a Battlefield deployable one sold by Bryant Broadcast
Trouble with this was I could not find a plug it would go into and I could not bend it but boy it was tough for sure.

The Hybrid version mentioned in previous post sounds interesting but I feel it is just as easy to put out a power cable of suitable size for the sittuation, same as a comms cable.

Mr. B.