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Hi Toby.

Complicated question, and a complicated answer !

If you’re just using a firewall, but the two networks are on the same subnet, or the two networks are routable without NAT / PAT, then this should be possible.

What typically can’t currently be done is:

Private Network (Surface) | Public Internet | Private Network (Rack)


Private Network (Surface) | Private Network (Rack)

Should be OK providing the firewall between the two networks isn’t also translating IP addresses / port numbers from the public side into a private address range. Many ADSL Modems / Routers incoperate this functionality.

Port in use for the port forward should be:

TCP Port 51321
UDP Port 51320 through UDP Port 51324 inclusive.

We are looking to improve the current restrictions for internet connectivity for 1.50.

Hope this helps.