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Unless I misunderstand you have library based everything you just have to populate the library with the set ups you feel are worth saving, is it not in the user library of each section?

If I find a particular eq that works and I like it I just save it and it is available for me next time,I do not think it is up to a manufacturer to produce this kind of stuff really.

I’m sorry. You misunderstood. I would like to store which EQ library entry I use for a channel. Not the contents of the entry.
An example:

I’ve got an actor who has 2 EQ settings. A normal one and a telephone voice. I would like to create two library entries for the 2 settings. I use these settings through the whole show (+/- 100 scenes).
When I go to another theatre to play the show I would like to tweak the 2 EQ library entries during soundcheck and they are automatically updated in the whole show.

It works about the same on moving light controller desks like the Hog.