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The V1.41 firmware Release Notes are now posted with details of the improvements and new features. Please remember to also download and install the V1.41 iLive Editor software for online / offline control using your laptop.

In summary, our hard working software team have added:

Compatibility with the new T Series (same firmware for iLive and T),
Channel ganging (input or mix parameters),
Scene import/export via USB key(great for festivals!),
Gated reverb FX (these are classic beauties…),
More MIDI functions (DCA assign, name and colour),
More Soft Key fnctions for PAFL/SEL/MIX combinations),
PAFL/MIX key linking split for inputs and mixes,
GEQ frequency bands reset to ‘0’ in fader mode,
More Alt View options,
PL device library function,
Patch EtherSound channels directly to sockets,
Improved channel ‘quick naming’,
and more…

The Editor software has also been updated with new functions and improvements.
All the best,