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I have found out that you have Admin controls through the editor that you dont have at the surface.
For example i have it set up so only the Admin account can change the Mixrack Configuration, but after you log in to the surface with any restricted account that doesn’t have permission to change Mixrack Configurations you are able to apply changes to the Mixrack Configuration using the computer and the editor program.
I haven’t tried other changes that the user is locked out of like show manager but i do know that the editor program gets you into the show manager screen where as if i was using the surface it would come up with a message stating i dont have permission.
This could be interesting if someone tried to recall a show during a performance considering how long it takes to recall a show then you would have to recall the previous show you were actually using in the first place, and no doubt everyone would turn around to look at the sound guy when he is probably sitting in the congregation with his laptop… [}:)]