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Just bought an iLive 80 for a theatre production. My wishes untill now (most of them are already in this thread).

1. An expander option in the gate section.
2. I want to move and insert scenes in the scene editor. I program a show during rehearsal. But sometimes the director will change the order or add a scene. It is really tedious job to copy all the scenes one position up to make room for the new scene.
3. The scene select and go buttons should work differently. To address the problem stated before I created empty scene slots so I am able to insert a new scene. I expect when I press next, that it would skip the empty slots. But it doesn’t.
Also the GO button should increment to the next scene non-empty when pressed.
4. Crossfading scenes (not only fader settings, but also eq & compression settings etc). Set crossfade times for scene recall. Another option would be a crossfader to crossfade scenes. (Like a light control console can)
5. A handy thing when using the GEQ is to reset a band by pressing the SEL button above the fader. It is very hard to reach the 0 mark when using the fader.
6. The fans in the console are to loud for a theatre production ore soft classical music.
7. Very strange noises on the headphone outputs. Especially when you tweak the touchscreen dim knob,