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I think you nailed it Mr B, the years are treating you well!
A little more on naming…

You can name and colour any channel, mix or DCA using the TouchScreen NAME & COLOUR screen. Make sure you have Single Strip Select active to name your individual strips. If Block Strip Select is active then you can colour a range of strips, but not name them (you would not name them all the same!). The NAME & COLOUR screen takes over the function of the strip SEL keys, so make sure you exit the screen once you are done otherwise you may wonder why you can’t access your channel processing using the SEL keys!

You can also name and colour input channels from their PREAMP screen after selecting them using the SEL key. You may find this more convenient than going to the NAME & COLOUR screen when working through your channels.

You can also name and colour your mix masters from their EXT INPUT screen after pressing the related SEL key. This is the same place as the PREAMP page of the input channel.

This means you can name and colour all your channels, masters and FX from the Surface, and you can name and colour all except the DCA masters and FX from within their normal SEL processing view.

Hope that helps.
Seasons greetings and happy mixing in 2009!