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my suggestions:
– all channel gain reductions as meters in one screen (only overview)
– scene and effect -store synchron in editor-software AND desk!
– channel link functions
– much faster “DCA Mute” flash in channel displays – now it is very slow!
– gate with expander-function
– clean hum and noise in headphone (iLive80)
– faster scene memory
– editor-software(PEQ-window): switch the position from frequency and bandwidth – like the iLive surface
– fast switches for different rotary-functions
– POST-fader position for output-limiter
– RTA level adjust
– AUX-send pickup-position: bigger buttons on the touchscreen – or my fingers are to fat? [:)]
– “multicore” in one cable
– easier “0”-position for single EQ gains (PEQ and GEQ)
– gated reverbs
– frequency shifter
– distortions ;-)

(sorry for my bad english)