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Hi Paul,

The PL-anet port is used for those little remote boxes with faders, knobs and displays, wich are allready on the market for years with the iDR4 and iDR8 matrix units from Allen & Heath. You can use these remotes for controlling in ear mixes by the musicians or extra VCA faders or just for master volume from the directors desk or office :-)

Connect your CAT5 cable from your network port from your laptop to the 3 way Networkport on your iLive. Your Editor software is just like another controller on the “control” network of the system.

Bit confusing as we understand, same cables in use for multiple functions and systems….. Cat cables…..

AUDIO > Ethersound 64 bidirectional audio on the RAB card, for connections between iDR10, iDR0 and console’s and 3rd party ethersound stuff.

NETWORK > control of the system, DSP’s, gains etc, consoles & editor software via the network i/o’s

PLanet > little remotes, programmable in the software, own connectors on console and rack.

AVIOM > ( optional ) 16 bus in ear support system

Non of these are compatibel with each other, so a color code of your cables or good labelling is advised !!!

but hey, dont we use a XLR for Line, MIC, Speaker or 12V Littlite ?