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we’re out on tour with alphabeat using two ilive112’s
so far no probs running on vista[:p]

i even mixed some shows on the editor where my foh desk wouldn’t fit… so i left it at the stage end with the monitor board and just ran a cat5 cable to foh….one show we needed to load out real quick so i just ran it with a wireless router! bish bash bosh job’s a good ‘un! not ideal, a bit like mixing one handed….but it got the job done and gave me the sound i wanted….

hey get this…..we did a couple of shows in europe where space was at a premium so we just brought in the monitor board…i ran a cat5 to foh and we both operated the same desk! i just loaded my channel and fx library and set up my important stuff on the bottom layer….and neither of us were aware of any interference from the other user![}:)] and the desk was doing 6 stereo in ear mixes 6 mono wedge mixes 5 fx sends and of course my stereo aux mix for foh! no falling over, no busy messages just getting the job done!