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Hi Paul, a few things to check if Editor does not connect correctly or causes the iLive show a red cross error:

1. Make sure the ‘Enable External Ethernet Connections’ option is turned on in the iLive UTILITY / Configuration / Preferences page. In your case I’m sure it is set correctly.

2. Make sure each device on the network has a unique IP address on a related network. Default iLive addresses are MixRack, Surface and TouchScreen Of course somebody could have changed these addresses. You can check them in the UTILITY / Network screen. Your PC running Editor must have an IP address that does not clash with these. For example set it to static address on subnet and it should be fine.

3. If you are using a wireless router then it too should be set to a unique address that does not clash with the other addresses, for example

4. Note that you need a computer that is powerful enough to handle the Editor program. We have provided a minimum specification in the Release Notes. If your PC is below this specification you could experience some performance issues.

5. In some cases having two network adapters with related addresses on your computer (LAN and wireless) may cause problems. If this is the case try disabling the one you are not using.

I suspect though that you have a network IP address clash.
Let me know if you need further help with this.