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Hi Peter, thanks for the suggestions, more useful ideas to stir into the big melting pot [:)]

There are a couple ways to have your master LR mix on a single fader. The one I use most of the time now is to feed L and R into a stereo matrix, and use the matrix on a single fader strip as the master. This also gives me a stereo graphic EQ and stereo RTA of the main mix. The L and R masters can be hidden away on a lower layer. If you set the L and R masters to ‘0’ and their sends to matrix to ‘0’ with pan hard left and right you get the correct gain structure with the matrix meter showing you the correct level.

The other method is to assign L and R to a DCA, more useful if you have other feeds such as sub and fills as part of the house mix with the DCA giving you a ‘house master’ of several mix outputs.

And… you can’t use two surfaces with a single rack yet. You can however use your laptop to control two iLive systems by connecting them all together on the same network, giving them unique IP addresses and running two Editor sessions.

Hope that helps,