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Thing that I would like:

– Gated reverb (I think its coming :o)

– Multi-band compressor – I often use a BSS 901- dynamic EQ to reduce that 3-4K vocal harshness that can occur, something that could do that would be great. (I think the d-esser will do something similar if tunned to the correct frequency.)

– Stereo main output on a single fader option – This would be of most value on an 80 surface. Most shows that I do always have the same left and right output levels. Having a single fader (option) would save space on the surface for something else. It could have L+R with pan, even sub drive on the alternative knob function.

– Scene insert as described by Bryce.

– The ability to change the gain and EQ settings for selected channel over multiple scenes without having to access every scene. – This is useful for theatrical work when a mic is changed or positioned differently between performances and its gain needs to be changed on every scene.

Other suggestions

– The board to be supplied with some better standard configurations for FOH and Monitors that has the sends on rotaries. I think you need 3 standard configurations. One for FOH only operation, one for FB only operation and one for FOH + monitors from FOH.

– I would like to be able to control one rack from two surfaces just as I can at the moment with one surface and a lap top. That way it would give me a cheap and simple FOH + Monitor application. It’s not ideal but I still think it’s a useful application. (can you already do this?)

– I don’t like the make up gain on the default compressors. Make up gain should be added by the user. During a show I have had people “insert” compressors on individual channels, groups, and main outs, adding 15 or more dB of gain to the system and then struggle with the resulting gain changes to foldback and FOH.

Perhaps the defaults should include settings with and without make up gain. I understand that you can store your own (which I have done) but to gain acceptance by new operators you don’t want any hidden tricks. They are likely to select the factory settings instead of a user programme.

– A slightly larger font on the printing used around the led EQ displays etc.