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– Cornwall mode will rule !!! Just to irritate the lightguy next to me :-)

– Calibration is nice when done manual, but during your “long” startuptime a lot of calibration is allready done,
but I agree on an extra manual calibration to reset after “√§ccidents”

– A laptop connected for setup, using the editor… I do that also with XTA software, Martin Audio software
and Shure Workbench running at the same time, Why/How ? I use the editor for prepping a show, when prepping
and patching i’m not working on my PA or mic’s…. maybe just my idea.
and yeah what’s the cost of an extra laptop to make the work with the iLive a lot easier….
many mixers with more screens are far more expensive :-) for that difference i can buy about 20 laptops.

– When MADI is ready for you ilive, use the RME madifaceE with your laptop…. haha then they will love your soundcard.

– The countdowntimer ? So your shows are timed or on a Digidesign rig , that you know exactly when your show ends….
Well at the moemnt that I am desparately seeking for a countdown timer to reach the end of my show, maybe it is
better to find another Job or production :-) Cannot find a serious argument for that one, I’m sorry !

You know what I would love ?

-More flexible Ethersound functions in the console for advanced users, Like tweaking the ES A port for using more
“free” lines, or patching from I to O on other rack or console, so you won’t need any extra analog tielines anymore,
or will not loose any buss and input DSP.
-More world wide engineers who scream about the sound quality of these consoles, the FX quality and above all, the
cross console compatibility : a show from your small setup (80) will sound the same on th big touring rig (176)
and that is the way AH is working to….. Ever tried to load a show from a M7CL to a PM5D ??
-3 HE racks with 2 cardslots and a RAB card, with a manual switch on it in 4 modes….. 1-16/17-32/33-48/49-64
-overview screen output that displays not the touchscreen but a User based mix of in/outputs ( multiple ! , like
all inputs together )

and many other things wich are allready on the list and written in this discussion…….

But anyway , we love them allready :-)