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Hi Jaap!
I think you are right. Some of my habits can be caused by using DShow venue for a long time. Also work ‘standards’ in Poland makes me thinking of such things like speaker processor in console.
-London or Cornwall mode can be differ than other_city_name mode. I need only to light up all LEDs (yesterday I have to replace one). I don’t need blinking and flashing but sometimes it is very useful thing (:
-Sometimes it is hard to put next laptop to work with the console. It is obviously very good idea, but when my computer controls the PA system, wireless microphones and records few tracks I don’t want to ask him for more (:
-Surround is not offen now. But I try to do some things using surround panning. I use auxes to set source position in space, and will be very happy when pan knob can act as an Left/Right and Front/Rear.
-Laptop for monitors? It is fine to me. I worked with 01V96 hidden under the table. I heard that ‘I have a good sound card’ from a man who saw me controlling sound from laptop (: But have you ever tried to imagine old soundman, who hates digital desks working on laptop? Digital desks are prohibited in some polish technical riders, so asking those men for working on laps will cause serious health problems (like a broken nose…) (:
Of course, in many times I can do the whole gig even on A&H Wizard or similar. But I am thinking of those who needs 64 channel, 4 FXs, 24 gates and of course multiblink-o-flashing rack for acoustic jazz trio… Sometimes we have to cooperate with people like this and every ‘problem’ will be pointed and commented in not polite way.
Jaap, what do you think about countdown timer??? (:
Greetings from Poland!