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Hi Zike :-)

Did you allready use the Editor ?
Patching is VERY fast with the editor,

-and on the same laptop you can play solitaire and minesweeper !

-clear all button ? why not load empty or preset sessions that you made for your setup ?
All rental companies have different setups. MAke your own empty session and load.

-speakermanagement is allready an old discussion for the iLive
Was a good plan originally, but lotta Rental companies said NO WAY !
Is a bit tricky to send a few engineers on the road , with
just loading another mix or setup and speakermangemnt is then included,
must be protected very good, otherwise a dangerous option.
must speakermanagement will allways be done in the ampracks with XTA, BSS or OEM processors.

Other subject is system main matrix management , but that works fine now as it is in the iLive

– multiple console and rack setups are planned for the future, you allready can control 1 rack
now by console and laptop from 2 places….. :-) using laptop for monitors.

-YEah a test mode ! and then let all lights flash and all faders move….
Yeah ! Let’s give that mode a city name…. not an USA city like Vegas mode, not an italian city like Verona
but call it LONDON mode, or Cornwall mode :-)

-Would love the calibration !

-Surround ? what’s the percentage of your projects wich use surround ?

Greetz from Holland !