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Hi Bryce.
The first thing is to think about using Scene recall rather than Show recall. In your case think of the ‘Show’ as being the configuration of your full installation encompassing all your user setups and venue requirements. Think of the ‘Scenes’ as being the individual setups for each user. A scene can recall most of what is recalled by a show. It does not of course include the the bus configuration but you should be able to set that up to cover your maximum user requirement without the need to change per user.

iLive does not load a new show per user. Instead the administrator can choose for a particular scene to load automatically on user login if required.

So in your case you would work with one show called ‘Arts Centre’ which lets you archive your entire setup. For your example you would store two scenes, one called ‘Theatre’, the other ‘Concert’. Go to UTILITY / Edit User Profiles and set up two users – ‘Admin’ and ‘Intern’. For each choose the relevant startup scene. Note that if you don’t set one then the system boots in the same condition you left it in at last power down.

The clever bit is what you put in your Scenes…

As Admin user you have access to everything. In fact you may not need a startup scene as you can go to the Scene Manager and recall any scene you want anyway. It may even be useful to log in to see the previous user’s settings which would otherwise have been overwritten if you had your own startup scene set, or they logged in again.

The ‘Intern’ user would log in with the ‘Concert’ scene automatically recalled. Because of the restricted permissions you have given them they would not be able to recall another scene or show or change the configuration. If you decided to give them access to just a selection of input channels, a few auxes for monitors, a couple effects and a single DCA to control the house level then you would configure just those items to the fader strips. The other channels, mixes, output patching and so on would be out of view and not accessible to that user. You would probably mute or reset all the ‘invisible’ channels and mixes so they are not audible while the logged in user is working.

For other users you could set up their permissions and store a scene with the layout appropriate for them.

This keeps things very simple for users such as your ‘Intern’. They don’t have to think about show or scene recall, and everything is laid out nicely for them across the strips, and parameters reset to their comfortable starting point.

At this stage of iLive firmware development it is not possible to allocate groups of scenes to individual users, but that will of course come in time. Hopefully the solution I have described above will be a good starting point for your application.
Let me know if you want more on this.
All the best,