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ok, so with all passwords set it will boot to the login screen – which is cool.

Now, the second part – getting a show / scene to load on a per-user basis.

For the sake of this conversation let’s pretend that I have two accounts on the desk – Admin and intern.

I have two shows – let’s call them concert and theatre.

Admin has full rights (obviously) and intern has all rights deactivated (including show loading). If I – as the admin load “theatre” and am working on the desk – then power down and start up again it goes to the login screen – which is fine.

At that point I log in as intern – but since I was last working on “theatre” that’s the show that comes up when I log in.

I have specified the scene for Admin and for intern – but since the scene specified for the intern user login is located in “concert” it doesn’t recall when I load that user. Additionally, since “intern” doesn’t have show access rights they can’t load the correct show to recall the correct scene.

I’m looking for untilate simplicity for a user to walk up and use the desk – so if I can avoid having to explain how to load shows, recall scenes etc – that would be great.

Can A&H add a feature – so that the desk loads the show that the default scene references as well? Or is this in the desk somewhere and I’m just missing it?

-Bryce Larson
Production Manager
The Arts Center on 7