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Yes, you can mostly do what you want here. Activate two guest users – ‘Interns’ and ‘Concert’. Apply a password to each, and make sure you have an Admin password too (Make sure you keep a record of these passwords in case they get forgotten). When you boot up the system it will display the User Login screen with the three users listed in the left hand window. Select the user you want and type in the required password.

Regarding the different show loading. You can’t change the Show per user but, more appropriately, you can get the system to automatically load a different Scene per user when they log in. As Administrator you can apply a ‘Statup Scene’ per user if you want. This loads when the user logs in. A Scene should be able to change everything you want for your users. It can reconfigure the strip layouts, change all parameters, names, colours, socket mapping, anything you want, and it will do it much quicker than loading a whole Show. By setting the User Permissions you can lock your two users out of recalling further Scenes or Shows.

Have a play with this powerful feature. Let me know if you need further help with this.
All the best,