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I’ve done that – I’m asking if there is a way to set the console to start up in the “change users” page. This would make it easy for any user to pick an appropriate user.

Once that’s accomplished I would also like to set a default show and scene per user.

For my space – I’m the admin – I’ve also got a profile for myself – with my personal preferences on the console settings. I’ve then got some student interns – so I built a user account for them – “interns” and I built a user account for the choir and orchestra concerts – “concerts”.

I want to give myself full access – which is cool, my account is fine. I want to give the interns moderate access – since I’ve trained them. I want the “concert” user to always load the show I built called “concert”. That show only has the first four wireless mics, the CD players and the LCRS in the center section – and basically no access to anything else – including loading shows.

The problem with this is that whatever show the desk had loaded when it was shut down is what it loads when it starts up.

Is there a way to set it up so that whenever you load a user profile it loads a particular show?

-Bryce Larson
Production Manager
The Arts Center on 7