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Bring Me The Horizon

2014/08/08 in On Tour

Voted Kerrang Best Live Band 2014, seen here on stage at Wacken, Germany. They carry their iLive R72 compact monitor system with them as seen here operated by Jared.

Wacken BMTH 05


BMTH Wacken 1

San Diego Neon Trees

2014/08/06 in On Tour

Del Mar San Diego; Neon Trees tour underway with iLive FOH and Monitors. What a colourful show!




2014/08/06 in On Tour

Pics from FOH at Wacken Germany. Ben Hammond at the controls of the iLive112 for Saxon20140806-221049-79849419.jpg

Another iLive 144 handled the on-stage monitor mix for Saxon and the string section!

Saxon to headline Wacken tonight with iLive

2014/07/31 in On Tour

iLive modular system being fork-lifted across the field today at Wacken, Germany. Saxon headline the Black Stage tonight.
Thanks to FOH engineer Ben Hammond for the early pic. More to come later inc another iLive at monitor world.
iLive forked to FOH Wacken


Fuji Rock

2014/07/27 in On Tour

Evening prep in the mountains in Japan for Fuji Rock. Franz Ferdinand headlining with iLive 20140727-193301-70381953.jpg

Bilbao Festival Magic

2014/07/11 in On Tour

Lovely pic from Monitor world as the sun sets over Bilbao Spain. I don’t know what camera Tom Howat was using but there’s no mistaking the iLive glowing away ready for action!


Joss Stone

2014/07/11 in On Tour

Joss Stone tour has started with T112 iDR48 on monitors, the first show was Henley Festival where Joss was the headline act on Thursday night.
Monitor engineer Travis Walat is armed with MixPad to speed up stage tweaking and everything gets recorded onto ProTools via Dante.


Ballet Rambert week 2

2014/07/05 in Site Visit

Week 2 of the Ballet Rambert special Cunningham event at their new Southbank HQ featuring music by Philip Selway (Radiohead) plus friends, seen here listening to his ME-1 personal monitoring station fed by 32 channels of instrument signals via Dante. The opening night received a five star reviews from the Guardian and The Times!


Ballet Rambert

2014/06/28 in General News

Just setting up an interesting installation for a series of events at Ballet Rambert HQ at London’s Southbank.
Engineer Gavin McComb is using ME-1 personal mixers to provide hands-on foldback and interactive source mixing betweens the musicians who perform in two different dance studios and constantly move locations. iLive R72 and iDR32 form the central control, and an ME-U hub with Dante is patched to the performance areas using the buildings cat5 networks. The music is written and performed by Philip Selway from Radiohead, accompanied by multi-instrumentalists Adem Ilhan and Quinta. Gavin & the house technician can make adjustments in the performance area’s using iLive Editor and MixPad connected by WiFi.




Southside festival Germany

2014/06/23 in On Tour

More stage left iLive-age! this time at Southside festival in Germany

Southside festival Germany

pic submitted by Tom Howat