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DAW Control for Windows Operating Systems now available!

2016/08/25 in General News

We are pleased to announce that Qu DAW Control for Windows Operating Systems is now available and can be downloaded from the Qu series software page.

The DAW Control driver allows a Qu mixer to control a DAW using popular HUI or Mackie Control protocols.

We thank you for your patience in awaiting this release.

Recently, we held a live webinar on setting up and optimising your Qu series mixer for tracking and mixing, with both in-the-box and out-the-box workflows in your Digital Studio.

There is now a recording of the Webinar session available on our YouTube channel:

Qu – The centrepiece to your Digital Studio

If you have any questions or need assistance you can join in one of the DAW related threads in this Community, or submit a support ticket to Product Support

Many thanks.

Allen & Heath.

Qu-You Android v1.9 now available!

2016/06/29 in General News

We are very pleased to announce the availability of Qu-You v1.9 for Android devices on Google play!

Apologies for the delay.

Get it on Google Play

Upcoming Qu 1.9 Firmware

2016/05/12 in General News

Qu V1.9 Package for all Qu series mixers

We are about to release another exciting firmware update for our Qu series mixers, plus updates to the Qu family of apps. Get ready to update by following the news on our website and social media in the next few days. As a valued Qu customer, you will also receive an email with details of the update at release of the firmware.

Please note the following:

– We recommend that you turn off auto update on your iOS device to avoid any unintentional update and consequent version mismatch with your Qu mixer. Update the mixer and apps at the same time.

– Qu-You Android V1.9 will not be available at firmware release. We are working hard to release it soon but in the meantime, if you or members of your band rely on Qu-You Android for your application, we recommend not updating to V1.9 firmware or iOS apps just yet.

We look forward to bringing you more on Qu V1.9 very soon.
Allen & Heath

Qu V1.8 Chrome firmware now available!

2015/10/19 in General News

Qu-Chrome V1.8

Qu V1.8 Chrome Firmware adds a host of powerful new features, all driven by requests and feedback from our fantastic Qu users.

The new tools include:

Automatic Mic Mixing – with the addition of AMM your Qu mixer is now the perfect choice for mixing conferences and meetings.

More Monitor Mixes – if you have a Qu-24, Qu-32 or Qu-Pac you can now change your Stereo Groups to Auxes. This means that Qu-32 and Qu-Pac can now deliver up to 11 monitor mixes (4 mono + 7 stereo), and Qu-24 offers up to 9 monitor mixes (4 mono + 5 stereo). Qu-16 doesn’t have Groups so we’re not able to offer this facility for Qu-16 users – sorry!

Spectrogram – this is a great visual tool to help you hunt down and deal with problem frequencies, ideal for eliminating feedback and tackling difficult room acoustics.

Enhanced iPad Control – we’ve added a ton of extra features to the Qu-Pad app for truly comprehensive wireless control, including AMM, output balance, Direct Out trim, stereo linking, Mix/Group settings, Matrix sends, PAFL options, Signal Generator, Talkback and more.

Additional enhancements:

HPF slope increased to 18dB/octave

Scene Global Filter reset default changed

Qu-Pac input source reset default changed

Qu-Pad and Qu-You password protection

More functions added to Qu-Pad

For more details on new features click here.

Download V1.8 here.

Please read the Release Notes and Firmware Update Instructions before downloading the firmware.


Important note for Qu-You for Android users  – V1.80 Qu-You for Android is not yet available. Do not update your mixer if you rely on Qu-You for Android for personal monitoring. We will make V1.80 of Qu-You for Android available as soon as possible – please check back for updates.


2015/04/08 in General News

Allen & Heath has launched new Chrome Edition models of its class-leading GLD series mixers, with extensive new features and FX.

GLD Chrome firmware adds Auto Mic Mixing capability and further additions to the comprehensive processing suite, including faithfully crafted new FX and channel-based compressor emulations.

The Chrome Edition GLD-80 and GLD-112 mixers have been redesigned with a new metallic livery, while the AR84 and AR2412 AudioRacks have received a sleek black finish.

More info here.

GLD Chrome V1.5 firmware is compatible with current GLD consoles and is available for download here. Please have a look at the New FeaturesRelease Notes and firmware Update Instructions.