Upcoming Qu 1.9 Firmware

2016/05/12 in General News

Qu V1.9 Package for all Qu series mixers

We are about to release another exciting firmware update for our Qu series mixers, plus updates to the Qu family of apps. Get ready to update by following the news on our website and social media in the next few days. As a valued Qu customer, you will also receive an email with details of the update at release of the firmware.

Please note the following:

– We recommend that you turn off auto update on your iOS device to avoid any unintentional update and consequent version mismatch with your Qu mixer. Update the mixer and apps at the same time.

– Qu-You Android V1.9 will not be available at firmware release. We are working hard to release it soon but in the meantime, if you or members of your band rely on Qu-You Android for your application, we recommend not updating to V1.9 firmware or iOS apps just yet.

We look forward to bringing you more on Qu V1.9 very soon.
Allen & Heath

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