Qu V1.8 Chrome firmware now available!

2015/10/19 in General News

Qu-Chrome V1.8

Qu V1.8 Chrome Firmware adds a host of powerful new features, all driven by requests and feedback from our fantastic Qu users.

The new tools include:

Automatic Mic Mixing – with the addition of AMM your Qu mixer is now the perfect choice for mixing conferences and meetings.

More Monitor Mixes – if you have a Qu-24, Qu-32 or Qu-Pac you can now change your Stereo Groups to Auxes. This means that Qu-32 and Qu-Pac can now deliver up to 11 monitor mixes (4 mono + 7 stereo), and Qu-24 offers up to 9 monitor mixes (4 mono + 5 stereo). Qu-16 doesn’t have Groups so we’re not able to offer this facility for Qu-16 users – sorry!

Spectrogram – this is a great visual tool to help you hunt down and deal with problem frequencies, ideal for eliminating feedback and tackling difficult room acoustics.

Enhanced iPad Control – we’ve added a ton of extra features to the Qu-Pad app for truly comprehensive wireless control, including AMM, output balance, Direct Out trim, stereo linking, Mix/Group settings, Matrix sends, PAFL options, Signal Generator, Talkback and more.

Additional enhancements:

HPF slope increased to 18dB/octave

Scene Global Filter reset default changed

Qu-Pac input source reset default changed

Qu-Pad and Qu-You password protection

More functions added to Qu-Pad

For more details on new features click here.

Download V1.8 here.

Please read the Release Notes and Firmware Update Instructions before downloading the firmware.


Important note for Qu-You for Android users  – V1.80 Qu-You for Android is not yet available. Do not update your mixer if you rely on Qu-You for Android for personal monitoring. We will make V1.80 of Qu-You for Android available as soon as possible – please check back for updates.

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