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    Dick Rees


    The AMM is very handy when doing conferencing gigs…live or for cameras. This has been a significant part of my work and I’m pleased to have it in the console rather than carrying a rack.


    Still hoping for downward expansion option on the gates…

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    What is the approximate length of time the update takes? Mine has been in the “pan light sequence” for over an hour. This is my first update, is that normal?

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    No. Never timed it, but a couple of minutes I’d say.

    I think you’ll find other threads with the same problem, in which shutting down and trying again (possibly with a fresh download & stick format) has worked. But don’t take my word for it!

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    Dick Rees

    It’s happened to me. Just keep trying with fresh download.

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    Nice to see development which keeps the qu relevant and connected to newer hardware.
    Let’s hope further updates keep coming addressing users frequently asked for sensible features

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    I feel that got my money’s worth out of my QU mixers a long time ago. A & H have done a fantastic job of giving us more and more as time has gone on. I realize though at some point it will probably not be cost effective for the company to give us any more features on this existing series as it stands. How will they sell the more expensive mixers if they do? The QU mixers at their price point are excellent value for money and have exceeded my expectations…..Thank you again A & H !!

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    Seems like a great update, but i have not installed it yet. Interesting stuff about being able to use a Qu and SQ together, can anyone explain how exactly this would work? Would the two mixers simply be sharing the same inputs and preamps from the Dsnake?

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    Hello Allen team, yesterday I installed the new firmware 1.93 first on the Ipad and test the spectrum and it worked, then on the console and without problems. I had read in the community that is recommended first on the console and then on the ipad, I leave the link to the image Regards!

    Test nuevo Firmware

    Posted by Salvatore Carta on Friday, January 12, 2018

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    Uhmm, it seems our friends at HQ ran out of software…… I get the dreaded 404 at the DL-page 🤬


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