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    Hello I viewed the you tube video from A&H the setup worded fine for the first 24 channels but the last eight would not work. So I added a fifth Mackie control and it seemed to work. but there was only 4 midi channels for Mackie controls. So I made the 5th control QU32 in and out. seemed to work at first but when I tried to set up a template everything failed.

    My question is for the 4th Mackie control why won’t is connect to the last 8 channels the first 24 snap into place when the Mackie control is set up, but the last eight don’t is this normal?

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    Harry A&H

    Hi Stu, it’s probably worth retracing your steps somewhere. Try reassigning the device midi ports in Logic’s controller setup.
    We now have show files and project templates for Pro Tools, Logic, Live and Cubase in the Qu User Libraries here:
    It might be worth loading these to have a look at the setup and config.
    There is a help file in each package explaining the setup options and routing used.
    Let us know if you still having trouble.
    Cheers. Harry.

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    Hello Harry the templates did not help. I have done this over several times and still the same result.Everything works fine for the 1st 24 channels, but when you do the next logical step channel 25 to 32 it dosen’t respond at all. I would like to see a video on integrating the QU32(not 24) with Logic pro X, because after watching the video it only does 24 and assume the 25-32 will lock the same and it does not. At least not on my machine. using a 2010 Mac Pro Tower



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    Has the new update sorted this Stu?

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    I have not installed it yet. For me the Q is close to nirvana if they could fix this problem. I really don’t want to switch to pro tools.

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