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    Hi Boriss!

    First thing is get a PC. Hahaha

    So your Mac does not have a Bios, but an EFI.
    There are options to access some startup stuff, but I don’t have a MAC nor do I touch them very often to dig in.

    I don’t know if there is an easy way just to disable the XHCI, possibly driver related changes could help you in this instance.
    I’ve seen some information regarding possibilities of modifying a DSDT, but like I said this is a lot more complicated.

    I don’t think Apple supports modifications or info regarding it, you might want to start posting/digging in the forums…maybe start looking and researching drivers, and possibly learning if the DSDT can be done for a Native MAC, or just Hackintosh.

    Sorry I couldn’t give you a quick answer…if I had a MAC i’d dig around a bit and see if I could fix.
    Tell Allen and Heath to supply me with a MAC and I’ll figure out how to fix it for you.


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    Thank you very much for the information sephult..:)
    if I may, I have a simple question::what kind of laptop pc to buy better,what configuration,to work with my wonderful mixer Qu 24…I love it and I would be willing to replace my laptop,
    I work in Pro Tools and ableton…if matters,Thank you very much for the information

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    Hi Boriss,

    I wish I could have been more help with MAC.

    So as far as laptops, my personal preference is to stay away from HP.
    In the past HP had some really nice specs, however their heatsinking designs were completely flawed.
    Their cooling, copper, and routing was horrible….leaving the graphics IC to desolder the ball grid arrays.
    So I would recommend avoiding HP (whether or not it’s better now I do not know).

    Obviously the better the research and the better the investment…usually the better the results and longer life stability.
    I do recommend sticking with the best processor your money can buy…I am personally an Intel person and I love the I7.

    So my recommendation, start with:
    Intel I7 Processor
    As Much DDR4 RAM you can buy
    A Solid State Hard drive is a must

    If you can start searching and compare your budget, hit me up and I’ll send my email and we can chat about your choices.
    I’ll see if I can find BIOS information and the XHCI options, and hopefully you can have some stability in your setup.


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    Thank you very much for your help Sephult

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    Coming back half a year later to this problem: Any news, if A&H will solve this with a better driver? With Yamaha USB-Recording with a cheap MG12XU mixer and Steinberg-Drivers I never had a problem. Shall I still try this workaround with deactivating XHCI-implementation on my Laptop? As I did understand, this stops USB 3 impelementation? Would not be such a big probblem but a little bit pitty, becaus I did buy a real new Laptop Lenovo IdeaPad Y700-15ISK. No bad machine, a lot of RAM, SSD harddisk, fast processor, so I should not have problems, I think. But I have!

    So any news?

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    I continue to have this issue on a HP laptop with only USB3 ports and no way of disabling XHCI in the BIOS.

    Laptop is basically a brick when it comes to using it with my QU-16.

    A&H have blamed Intel and appear to be doing nothing about it.

    Any minute now, USB2 ports on laptops will be a thing of the passed and we’ll be no where.

    A&H have their head buried in the sand on this one !!

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    Intel are the ones who have a broken implementation – not a lot A&H can do really…

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    Hello again everyone,

    I wanted to report.
    I have a secondary computer that is an all in one.
    This computer was also exhibiting the issues, however I was unable to shut off XHCI in the bios.

    I did find however and I am having great results at the minute:

    Device Manager -> Universal Serial Bus Controllers -> USB Root Hub (USB 3.0)

    Disable this

    This seems to be a possible solution for those who do not have access to the XHCI options in their BIOS.
    Again I love my QU-32, but god I have lost some respect from A&H in response to me. I hope the community benefits and can fix this issue.


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    s, remember, this problem arose from Intel not following usb standards in their usb3 chip design. A&H designed to the standard. Non-Intel chips don’t exhibit this problem.

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    Hi garyh,

    Yes I do know, I was the one who found the issue with the protocol.
    I would like to find a computer without an intel controller anymore…lol

    So the original solution I had found was disabling XHCI in the BIOS to disable the 3.0 controller and revert to 2.0
    Well that was great, but not everyone has the same options and are locked out from the MB manufacturer or Pre-bought PC/MAC they have.

    Well I decided to use a network USB protocol and route to another computer I have to share the QU-32…The problem arose again because the secondary computer controller 3.0 is enabled.

    Well I dug into it, and found that if I just disable the USB Root Hub I mentioned above….I am having extremely stable results here.
    The problem cleared up for me on this secondary computer.

    So I wanted to let everyone know this, because many unfortunately were left behind by this problem and not having the ability to disable the XHCI.

    Regardless if Intel has a problem….either Intel or A&H must fix it….Intel won’t they already know of the issue and stated they are not doing anything about it…..Allen and Heath…well it’s 2018, the response on this is low….and new product will be around the bend soon.

    So while this issue just gets ignored and buried, rather than having a good responsive software and public representation on the progress…people have a badass mixing board…that does not even do what the price tag suggests. I would have never bought if I would have known actually…I am glad I did because I found a solution…but I took a lot of my own time to make a very expensive mixing board do what it was supposed to do out of the box.

    So the two options to possibly fix the issue:
    1. Disable XHCI in the BIOS if able to
    2. Disable the USB 3.0 Root Hub in Device Manager for Windows.
    3. Interested to find out if MAC has some sort of Device Manager ability to disable.


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    How can A&H fix a complete timing screwup in some else’s hard/firmware…

    The Qu still works perfectly well with computers – some computers are now built that are not compatible… there are others that are…

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    Well I had written out quite a response. A full-honest one.
    I ended up deleting it out of some respect for the few others that are loyal.
    I stopped for a moment and actually questioned why I even cared to share my findings and possible solutions with others?
    Then I realized I take the time and have compassion for others too..

    Although frustrating, I don’t regret it.
    Through this I definitely felt belittled by A&H, indirectly through the response and how the community interaction was…even so in the last letter I had submitting another bug report.
    I know not every person represents the company as a whole…I’ve just personally hit the point of demeaning myself for this.

    You know this is never going to be fixed by A&H because they aren’t doing anything about it.
    I tried to push forward and get more answers and definitely started to build some hope and loyalty that there would even be communication regarding…

    Expectations are you just need to deal with it and buy the next product. Just being honest.
    They F*cked up..and just said I am not going to even try to work around, and don’t have the balls to tell you that straight forward and honestly.

    So being much shorter of a response of my other post, I just want to say to the few…I really hope you do resolve your issues with the QU series. I really like the board honestly, the hardware so far is great and even the on-board software. I will probably enjoy my QU till it falls apart, but I don’t think I’ll ever have respect again to buy from A&H.

    XAP maybe your right about QU working perfectly well with computers…maybe more if you try and test out the Root Hub disable. I do hope so, and maybe your comment will be even more plausible…but still this is about troubleshooting and “not” working… you had me scratching my head for a minute why you responded that (I assume you just meant A&H won’t do anything?)..lol

    No argument, I don’t care who’s fault is what…stop throwing out opinions people…be constructive. There is always a solution if you even try…even not solving the problem and communicating and having humility is truly a solution. So I will have some humility myself so that I might not be rude to others. I am out. Maybe A&H can learn something from that (however I doubt)

    Best of luck everyone,


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    If BP start putting 30% water in fuel at the pump you don’t gonasking Ford to ‘make your engine work with 30% water in the fuel’. You don’t buy BP fuel and/or pressure BP to stop being idiots…

    The issue here is that Intel are approaching a monopoly…

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    Maybe we should start a list of computers and laptops that don’t use intel usb chips. Do all AMD based motherboards work without problems?

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    Nope, this isn’t a CPU problem, but a USB controller chip problem.

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