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    Sure, anything is possible. But the iLive version of the crossover section was less than ideal in patching and management. I would rather see implementation of things this console lacks on the console front. A modern RTA for example… interesting EQ modelling that could be inserted in via the FXs if need be. A latching Width button on the C series EQ area, A clock that doesn’t lose time.

    No speaker manufacturer has done that because…Why would they? If you need FIR filters for your boxes you would buy what ever they spec. System perfomance issues usually can’t be solved on the console.

    I purchased Dlives for one reason. They are fantastic consoles that punch above their weight.

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    I am still in favour of a deep processing element for loudspeaker control.
    In order to work professionally, you don’t necessarily have to use loudspeakers that absolutely need an external system power amplifier with DSP.

    But I also find the demand for FIR filters somewhat exaggerated. if a loudspeaker needs something like this, I would of course use a systemamp.

    a watch that doesn’t have to be adjusted all the time, but I would also like to have one 😉

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    Steffen R

    I would like to hear something from A&H about the DEEP processing EQ…

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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