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    Rohan Wright

    Hi All,

    Will be purchasing a DLive soon, just trying to figure something out, It seems the Dante Card is just the iLive Dante card in an adaptor, Are there plans for a new Dante Card based on the HC chip?
    to have a system that does 128ch and 192k seems odd that the dante card is limited to 64ch at 48k…
    I already run into the limits of the Dante card in my iLive systems. If i want to multitrack record 64ch and then also do some routing for other systems then I’m stuck…

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    Try the Waves Card v3 – this has all u want.

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    Steffen R

    I would expect a new dante Card in the future, I hope for next year…

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    By the way, anyone tried to record 64 or more channels at 96k? How does Mac/PC handle that?

    ddff, thinking of Waves

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    plenty of times without problems.


    Just curious: what purpose does 96k serve you that 48k does not? Quite a difference in disk space used for that many channels of sustained recording. …and the differences in audible quality are really negligible. The only reason I would (personally) want to run Dante @ 96k is a *slight* reduction in latency. (For the record, I’m totally with you on wanting a higher channel count without having to multicast, but I’d still probably want to downsample for the multitrack.)

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    Rohan Wright

    Probably the main thing would be keeping it consistent across the system, We currently have an iLive and I have used Dante for inserts with Waves Multirack, I know its better to do this with a waves card but was just using what we already have. I don’t need recording in 96, but we were using Dante for a monitor split as well as routing etc.
    It’s really more about channel count, but I guess it might be better to look at a Waves card for recording and run waves SoundGrid, as well as a Dante card for other audio distribution. Just adds a bit of cost running both worlds…
    Does anyone know if you can use Waves3 like Dante with a virtual soundcard for basic PC audio?

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    Hi Rohan,

    You can use a Waves 3 card as an audio interface in broadly the same was as Dante Virtual Soundcard. There are some slight differences with clocking and routing. Waves have their own multitrack software you can use called Tracks Live too.

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